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Our logo depicts the sprouting of life on earth under the influence of the sun and moon. Similarly the initials of our name describe our ideology very accurately

S- To enhance synergy  between the celestial and terrestrial.
P- Passion  to empower all to create heaven on earth.
F- To lay the foundation for good health/life--- good food to be accessible  to all and grown by all.


The healthy chain in organic language comprises healthy land -- healthy crops -- healthy food -- healthy life . Our aim is to create and sustain every link in this intrinsic chain. This way we will not only be creating heaven on earth but making ourselves healthier, stronger, more complete human beings.

This ideology was born, observing the seeds of destruction sown by conventional methods which involved the rampant use of chemical manures and pesticides in the pursuit of bigger, better, faster, by the desperate farmer forced by financial pressures caused by the price discrepancies in a highly volatile and competitive market. Being a doctor by profession also made me face disease in its deadliest forms, often being frustrated in finding an adequate, sustainable cure. A cure which would be there even after the course of medicines had done their job of initial eradication of the cause of the disease, or better still treatment with the minimal use of medicines. The building up of our intrinsic resistance is the only remedy and it became my mission in life to find ways and means for everyone to achieve this goal. Organic food seemed to be the answer and this was the turning point which diverted me to choose this path. Organic food can impart the strength to fight all odds-pollution, dangerous seemingly incurable diseases to human beings and organic agricultural practices will endow the same power to mother earth. So far we have only exploited and taken away from mother earth, feeding her with poisons in all forms (chemical manures, pesticides, poisonous chemicals wastes, plastics etc. the list is interminable). It is payback time now, time to live and let live let's join hands and do it together. We want to teach you how- the first step in this is realizing that the law of giving is much more powerful than the law of taking.

Organic farming methods enhanced and strengthened by biodynamic principles which involves the harnessing of the energies of the universe and making them work for us in our war against the destruction of our precious land, enabling us to return to it what we have been plundering from it so far without a thought of return that life-giving vitality which in turn comes back to us in the form of healthy food. Here I would like to mention my great source of inspiration and the invaluable guidance afforded to me by one of the most indefatigable crusaders of biodynamic farming Mr. Peter Proctor.  (His books are a treasury of information on this methodology) Email-
For the Armageddon, we have a huge dedicated army at our disposal-an extended family of indefatigable workers - our labourers, the innumerable inhabitants of our natural surroundings - bees,  birds, butterflies, insects, earthworms, ants, myriads of insects. By refraining from the use of pesticides, we are not only giving them a chance to live but by letting them live we are harnessing their incessant activity(unconditional and never time-bound) to our great advantage. Without intervening in their life cycles. We are using the power of nature to achieve the most gratifying results which are impossible to achieve so economically and so effectively, any other way. Pollination, aeration of soil destruction of harmful predators decomposition of vegetable matter to make available essential nutrients in their simplest form, easily usable by the plants,  photosynthesis, osmosis etc., are just a few of their multifarious activities, so essential to the well being of the soil and crops. Their power is so potent and so effortlessly conceived, that all we have to do is to allow them to live, thrive and work- there lies the power of LIVE AND LET LIVE and then patiently wait for the results - though a little slow to come,  are enduring and resilient.


So going organic is really about going back to our roots and using the lessons Nature teaches us, as did our forefathers a long time ago, but got left behind in our rays for bigger, better, quicker. The beauty of going organic is that once you start growing and consuming whole and natural food, it becomes a way of life. Automatically health, both yours and that of your land improves, your sensitivity to your environment is enhanced you begin to make the changes necessary for a better life and a better environment- nature knows best, work with her and not against her!

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